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Understanding the Benefits of Car Resprays for Your Smash Repairs in the North Brisbane Area

When you get in a car accident, the chances are that your vehicle’s paint job is not the first thing on your mind. Your personal safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of other drivers involved in the crash are the priority. Next come questions about whether or not your car is drivable, or if internal damage means that the car will need extensive smash repairs in Brisbane North. In fact, if some scraped off paint is the most of your problems following an accident, you are pretty lucky.

Platypus Creek Collision Repair: Smash Repairs and Paint Resprays in Brisbane

However, as you go through smash repairs for your car, you might start to worry a bit more about the aesthetics of the repairs. Perhaps your car needs a new hood, a new fender and a couple of new side panels after an accident. You might be worried that the paint colour and condition on the replacement parts might not match perfectly with the rest of the car. Maybe the accident came after years of scratches and scuffs that had already left your paint job looking dull.

In either case, Platypus Creek Collision Repair can help. We are a smash repairs garage located in North Brisbane, but we also specialise in paint resprays. Whether you are concerned about the colour consistency of your vehicle or just want to give the car a touch-up, our team can do the job.

What Is a Car Respray?

A car respray at Platypus Creek Collision Repair is exactly what you would imagine. Using a spray mechanism, we apply a fresh coat of paint to your entire vehicle. There are multiple benefits to be gained from this type of service. It can smooth out your paint job across the board, covering up dents, scratches, dings or other signs of wear and tear. It can ensure consistency of the colour on every part of the car—particularly useful if you have had to replace parts of the body. It can even give your car an entirely new look and colour, or at least make your vehicle appear as if it just rolled off the lot.

At Platypus Creek Collision Repair, we can provide multiple different respray options for you—either as part of a smash repair job in Brisbane Northside or as a standalone service. Our team is happy to customise something to fit your budget and needs.

In any case, a car respray can be a smart option if you want to make your vehicle retain that ‘new car look’ for longer, or if you are planning on selling it shortly. Cars with pristine paint jobs tend to sell for higher resale prices than cars that have multiple dings and scratches. Even if your vehicle has a fair number of kilometres on the clock at this point, you can make it a hot commodity on the resale market by giving it a professional respray.

If you need a smash repair service, a paint respray or other body work done on your car in Brisbane North, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Platypus Creek Collision Repair. You can reach us on 07 3354 3711.



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