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What to Do after a Car Accident, from Exchanging Information with other Drivers to Finding a Smash Repairs Service in Everton Park, Mitchelton, Arana Hills or Stafford

You’ve been involved in a car accident. You and your passengers are uninjured, but your car is damaged. The collision may have involved another driver (or multiple other drivers), or perhaps it was with a stationary object. Either way, you need to formulate a plan of what steps to take next. The only problem is that your heart is racing, and the adrenaline is pumping, and you feel like you might lapse into shock.

Indeed, thinking clearly in the wake of a car accident can be difficult. This factor explains why many drivers make mistakes at the scene of an accident. By following the steps laid out below, you should be able to resolve things at the site of the collision and move on to contacting your insurance company and taking your car in for smash repairs in Everton Park or Stafford.

Five Essential Post-Collision Steps

  1. Assess the safety of the situation: The first thing you should do after an accident is make sure that you and anyone else involved is safe. Do you feel uninjured and unscathed? What about your passengers? If so, get out of your car and ask other drivers involved in the crash if they are okay. If anyone is injured, contact emergency services immediately. If not, move on to assessing the damage. Take a few photos of the accident scene. If you/the other drivers can move your vehicles, you should get them out of the roadway. If one or multiple cars are not drivable, turn on their hazard lights. Do not stay in a car in the middle of the road. If you cannot move a car, leaving the hazards flashing and getting to the side of the road yourself is the safest thing you can do.
  2. Speak with other parties: If multiple parties were involved in the collision, collect their names, addresses, contact details, licence plate number, driver’s licence number and insurance information. Do not engage in arguments with other drivers and do not admit fault.
  3. If property is damaged, contact the police: In Australia, there are only two reasons to contact emergency services from the scene of an accident. First, if anyone is injured, you need to call for help. Secondly, if there was property damaged in the crash but the owner of that property is not present, you need to contact the authorities to help resolve the issue. For instance, if you hit someone’s fence or retaining wall, you need to call the police. Sometimes, a police report might be necessary to determine accident fault, but you don’t need to call emergency services for that purpose.
  4. Start looking into smash repairs shops in Arana Hills or Mitchelton: You will need to speak with your insurance company before you make arrangements to have your car repaired. However, looking for reputable smash repair shops in Mitchelton, Arana Hills, Stafford or Everton Park will help you to expedite the vehicle repair process. If you need your car to get to work or do your job, it is of particular importance to look into repairs right away.

Call Platypus Creek Collision Repair for Smash Repairs in Stafford or Everton Park

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