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Why Repairing Scratches or Chips in Your Car’s Paint Job is an Important Part of Any Smash Repair in Ashgrove, Keperra, Enoggera or The Gap

Car accidents are a major hassle. They are scary and stressful in all cases, whether the crash results in injuries or is just a minor fender bender. They can also cause considerable damage to your car, requiring costly repairs and necessitating that your vehicle goes into an auto repair shop. Smash repairs in Ashgrove or The Gap can take a few days, which leaves you without a car. Add any medical costs and the potential consequence of increased insurance premiums, and car collisions are one thing that most people would like to avoid for their entire lives.

If there is one good thing to come out of a crash, though, it’s that it gets you to take your car into an auto body shop for smash repairs in Keperra or Enoggera. This trip won’t only let you fix the crumpled car hood, busted fender or smashed headlights that was the result of your collision. On the contrary, it might also give you a chance to have a professional look at the scratches, dents, and chips that your car has picked up over the years.

The Importance of Fixing Scratches and Chips

At Platypus Creek Collision Repair, we help customers with smash repairs in The Gap, Keperra, Ashgrove and other nearby areas. However, we also offer an auto body touch-up service. In other words, if your car has signs of wear and tear from years of being driven around Australia’s highways and local roadways, we can quote you for those repairs as well.

Many drivers don’t bring their vehicles into an auto body shop until after a collision. When it comes to more ‘minor’ damage—like scratches or chips—the average driver tends to consider these flaws ignorable and low-priority. Yes, they impair the aesthetic appeal of the car, but they don’t affect its drivability. As a result, repairing scratches and chips is a task that gets put off and filed under ‘inessential expense.’

However, what most drivers don’t realise is that a minor scratch or chip in the paint job can escalate over time. Think of a breach in your car’s paint job as you would a cut on your skin. If you don’t attend to a cut and apply antiseptic ointment and bandages, it could become infected.

The same general idea is true with your car. When your car’s paint job gets scratched or chipped, the very finish of the car has been breached. Over time, water can flow freely into the breach and the site of the scratch or chip will start to rust. This rust will spread under the paint, eating away at the car’s steel frame. Such degradations of your vehicle’s exterior can reduce its lifespan and kill its resale value.

Bring Your Car to Platypus Creek Collision Repair for Smash Repairs and Body Touchups in Enoggera or Keperra

If your car is in need of a smash repair following a collision, why not also have the scratches and chips touched up to prevent further damage to your vehicle? At Platypus Creek Collision Repair, we can offer these touch-up services alongside a smash repair or as a standalone. Call us on 07 3354 3711 to learn more.



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