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What You Need to Know About Scratch Repair in Brisbane North, Enoggera, And Ashgrove

Few things ruin the look of a nice car more than deep, unsightly scratches. Many folks have experienced this frustration and have subsequently brought their vehicle in for scratch repair in Brisbane. You might even count yourself among that number, but how much do you know about scratches and the scratch repair process?

Do you know about the different kinds of scratches and the factors that influence the quality of a scratch repair? How about some of the general guidelines that dictate how the scratch repair should be carried out? Platypus Creek Collision Repair, experienced professionals handling scratch repair in Brisbane North and beyond, have some basic information that will be of use to you in making choices about how to get your repairs completed.

What Kind of Damage Necessitates Scratch Repair in Ashgrove, Enoggera & Brisbane?

Scratches, of course, but different types of scratches require different methods of repair. In general, many of the scratches one might encounter fall into one of three categories:

Light scratches – These are minor surface damage scratches, and you can remove them with a good buffing. Other approaches include a fine brush to apply paint over the scratch area, which will usually conceal it. Light scratches are hardly cause for panic, and the repair process is usually quick and easy.

Wide scratches – These scratches may not be deep, but their surface area is substantial. They’ll have to be filled in with new paint to fix it. It’s a bit more involved, but it is doable with some patience.

Deep scratches – These scratches are somewhat more grievous. They’re certainly more insulting, as it usually means someone has taken a key to your vehicle as a malicious act. Your professionals at the body shop, however, are used to this kind of scratch repair, and can fill it in with the appropriate materials and get your surface looking good as new once again.

What to Keep in Mind Before Getting Scratch Repair in Brisbane?

First off, you should know that the colour of your vehicle will influence how difficult it is to remedy the scratch. Dark colours, flat black especially, is usually easier to fix and will look nicer post repair. A specialised metallic paint, on the other hand, will be much harder to match, and takes a greater investment of time and skill to pull off. Generally speaking, the least aggressive scratch repair method will be tried first, and the intensity of the corrective measures will be scaled up from that point at your body shop’s discretion.

Where to Go for Scratch Repair Around Enoggera, Ashgrove, And Brisbane?

Platypus Creek Collision Repair is the go to shop for scratch repair. You’ll be impressed by our professionalism and efficiency. If you’re in need of any auto body work, our team is ready to help. You’ll find our service is unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Give us a call today to learn more about how we can assist with your scratch repair (and other auto) needs.



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