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Your Go To Strategy for Paint Repair In North Brisbane And Ashgrove

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes the paint on your car becomes faded and will need an upgrade. That’s when you’ll most likely be searching for a skilled auto body worker that can perform paint repair in North Brisbane. If you aren’t an auto buff, the process of repairing chipped paint might seem a bit mystifying to you, but Platypus Creek Collision Repair is here to cut through the confusing bits and get right to the heart of the matter. We will break things down to basics and give you some insight about how paint repair in Brisbane is done.

Why Would You Even Need Paint Repair in Brisbane?

You might look at a fresh coat of paint on a new vehicle and wonder what could happen that would need you to touch up the paint at all. Truth be told, though, various problems can occur with car paint and will result in distortion that will likely require some paint repair.

Scratches/Impact Damage – This is one of the most obvious. If something solid makes contact with your vehicle, there’s a chance it could damage your finish and remove some paint. Try as we might, to avoid these situations by driving safely, there are some cases where it’s out of our control, and the vehicle ends up suffering some damage. Areas where the paint has chipped away due to vehicle impact also become susceptible moisture. This can then lead to oxidation, which in turn results in your car starting to rust. Shoddy repair work and sloppy paint jobs are more likely candidates for this to happen, so make sure you go with a pro for your paint repair.

Ageing/Fading – As your car ages, the continued bombardment of sunlight and UV rays can cause the finish to fade. Pollution and contaminants in the air also contribute to this process. It’s difficult to avoid the sun while driving, and we can try to wash and wax our vehicles regularly to compensate, but gradually the fading will become more and more noticeable. If the ageing damage is severe enough, the coating that once protected the paint might vanish, and the paint itself will begin to peel from your vehicle’s surface. Having any damage repaired quickly is the best way to keep it from spreading to the entire vehicle.

Other Factors – other conditions which are largely out of our control can also affect the paint job. Extremes in temperature, bird droppings, and poor cleaning detergents can also lead to the paint becoming damaged and necessitating repairs.

If You Need Paint Repair in Ashgrove or Brisbane

Bring your vehicle in to Platypus Creek Collision Repair. We’ve seen what the elements can do to a coat of paint, and we know all the tricks of the trade that will get your car’s paint job looking pristine once again. We’d be more than happy to inspect your vehicle to see what’s sullied the paint, and are enthusiastic to restore it to its original state. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help make your car beautiful again.



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