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Platypus Creek Collision Repair

Platypus Creek Collison Repair has established itself as an efficient, quality, and reliable auto body repairer in the local Enoggera area. Our factory-trained specialist technicians ensure that all repairs are performed to high manufacturer standards.

The company has invested in modern technology, equipment and training to expand the business and serve more customers and capture the industry mood for smart, cleaner and greener repairs.

What to Expect With Us

  • Total Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Our Work Completed to Industry Standards
  • Personalised Service
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Workshop Facilities

Quality Guarantee

Customer Care

Our Repair Process


At Platypus Creek Collision Repair you can expect nothing less than a total commitment to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. This commitment is underwritten by our on-going investment in the latest technology and training to achieve the highest service standards from our technicians.

Free Rental Vehicle

The toughest part of having a car repaired is making alternative transport arrangements. We save our customers the hassle with free service vehicles while their cars are being serviced.Conditions apply*

Easy off-street Parking

We provide our customers with undercover parking that’s easily found, right beside the workshop.

Card facilities available

We accept a range of payment methods including MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, EFTPOS, BPay and Cash so customers never have to worry about going to the bank before settling their account.

Online Repair Tracker

We ensure prompt and clear communication to our customers throughout the repair process. With our Repair Tracker [link] you can always be updating how your vehicle is going at any time.

We also use SMS texting, email and calls to make sure our customers are well informed of the status of their vehicle.



When you drop your car off, a friendly member of our team will inspect your car with you and mark down any existing damage.


A job sheet will be created outlining all repair work to be done.


Our experienced technicians will then strip repair and realign your vehicle.


After it's stripped, we call you to confirm the completion date.


Experienced painters mask up and prime the vehicle and leave it overnight to harden.


Vehicle is rubbed down to remove any imperfections; it's then washed and cleaned to ensure no dust - so that the paint job is of the highest quality.


The vehicle is then colour matched using our advanced pant matching system and is prepared for painting.


Colour is applied and finished with a clear coat to give a professional paint finish.


The technicians reassembles your vehicle. The car is then buffed and cleaned before its final check off.


  • 2x Rupes Vacuum System
  • Auto Robot Speed Pulling system
  • Masterbooth
  • 1x Custombooth 4.9m height
  • 1x FAN Spot Welder
  • 1x TIG AC/DC Welder
  • Color Matching Library
  • GYS Easyliner Dent Puller
  • Waterborne Paint System
  • Infrared Drying Unit
  • Rotary Lift Hoist
  • Head Light Alignment System
  • Trammel bar measuring system
  • Multi point measuring system

Paint Warranty

We use a high quality Waterborne Paint Refinish system. Backed by BASF Baslac we confidently guarantee our paint for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Industry Repair Methods

We use factory standards and repair methods using software like EziMethods you can be sure your vehicle is being repaired the right way.

Our Strong Repair Network

With strong support from our trade network Car Craft Queensland and MTAQ we can be sure that we can assist you with any repair concern you may have. With quality association you can always be confident you’re in the right hands.



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